Market Steward

The market steward is responsible for providing five star customer service to the patrons of Volkstuin. Needs to have ability to multi-task and jump from job to job without any hiccups. This person must be organized and have a sound work ethic. Volkstuin has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for slackers.

Job Duties

·      Open/close depending on shift

·      Stock all Shaved Ice flavors

·      Operate Point of Sale System

·      Deliver excellent product 

·      Assist in keeping patio tables and chairs clean 

·     Help  Keep track of stock/inventory 

·      Restock shelves as necessary

·      Help assist in preparation of prepared food items

·      Maintain a tidy, clean appearance in market

·      Carry positive, uplifting attitude and engage customers 

·      Assist customers with picking out produce

·      Wash/clean/sanitize dishes and utensils 

·      Be knowledgeable in retail food safety